home cooking

Rendering leaf lard

Pollo alla cacciatora

Pommes Anna

Pommes rissolées

Rancho Gordo beans

White fish in bacon with mayonnaise

Blueberry-peach pie

Rhubarb pie

Chocolate ice cream with salted almonds

Onion custard pie

Paschal lamb

Chicken stock for rich people

Alice Waters's onion tart

Ice cream

Lasagna con carne

Spaghetti cacio e pepe

Poulet en cocotte

Martha Stewart's pumpkin bread

Jamie Oliver’s duck pasta

Brining everything

Leland’s first turkey

Red onion gratin

Mom cooks pasta with beets

Apple-walnut risotto with gorgonzola

Lentils with bacon, dried apricots, and goat cheese

Braised cabbage with bacon and apples

Jamie Oliver's sticky saucepan carrots

Blistered peppers and mustard potato salad

Stuffed squash and goodbyes

Semolina pasta with tomato sauce

The Lake

Mom cooks pasta with zucchini

Mom cooks chicken under a brick

Mark Bittman's plum tomato tart with pesto

Stinging nettles: not worth eating

Thomas Keller's over-the-top mushroom quiche

Everybody loves cookies

Heart disease redux, and vermouth pasta


This marriage (of cooks and food snobs) is an abortion!

Mom grills asparagus

Mom makes rice salad

Homemade pasta with mushrooms

Upside-down onion tart

Mom makes pudding

Smoked paprika–Manchego soufflés

Deep-fried eggs

Mama's got a brand new bag

Mom loves rhubarb

Fighting with Richard Olney

Another cherry pie

Hash browns and steak

Mom makes curried noodles

Mom makes more soup

Mom makes pea soup

Easter dinner

Mushroom pudding

Advanced tart-making

Mom makes banana cake

A tale of two loaves

Carrot pudding

Sweet potato gratin with manchego

Mom's big mussels

Mom make a St. Patrick's Day dinner

Pork chops and apples in mustard sauce

Onion tart

Mom makes pot pie

Martha Stewart's spicy cheese biscuits

Italian pot roast over homemade pasta

Gratin dauphinois

Leland makes fresh pasta

Mom cooks fish

Soupe à l'oignon gratinée

Mom makes sweet and sour pork

Mom bakes a Valentine's Day cake

Mom has a birthday


Braised celery

Mom's smoked-paprika chicken

Mom makes apple cake

Lamb ragú

Rustic onion tart

Mom makes goulash

Brussels sprouts with pancetta

Mom makes Philippine-style chicken

Mom makes caramels

Bread dumpling soup

Mom makes chili

Mom butters nuts

Blistered potatoes

Easy potato gnocchi

Mark Bittman's Lamburgers

Pancakes and English muffins

Best dinner ever

Ragù bolognese

Chicken thighs with saffron, green olives, and mint

Parmesan gnocchi

Apple risotto

Mom makes baked beans

Leland copies Mom, makes a tomato tart

Mom makes a tomato tart

Mom bakes and she cooks

Peter B’s macaroni and cheese

Welsh rarebit

Mom makes an apple tart

Extremely good onion soup

Leland’s first whole fish

Butternut squash purée

Poulet rôti à la provençale

Chicken thighs with Bosc pears

Perfect short ribs

Leland’s puréed dinner

Leland makes applesauce, becomes a man

Pot roast teaser

Bacon-thyme tenderloin

Cooking for children, Swedish meat balls

Cooking 101, Leland’s salad dressing

Cooking 101, Mom’s Applesauce

Another meat loaf

Lidia's meat sauce

Leland eats meat, catches up

La Cense ribeye

Cooking 101, Mom's Pie Crust

Mom cooks pork chops

Mom makes a fall dinner

Seafood stew with the Lyonses

Spiced lentils and roasted carrots

Mom bakes

Sherry caramel–glazed pears

Chicken with bacon-wrapped apples

Mom makes fancy shortbread

Lime-ginger scallop sauté

Mom makes plum cake

Hurricane salmon

Veal chops with mushrooms

Chicken with lots of garlic

Catch-up weblogging

Chicken livers

Swiss chard


Tomates à la crème

Summer salad

Insalata caprese

Healthy dinner

Steak and Shrimp Kebabs with Peanut Sauce

Queens on horseback

Goat cheese soufflé

Prosciutto-wrapped chicken

Strawberry-rhubarb homecoming

Mom copies Creampuff, and makes some chicken

Penne with mushrooms

Nigella Lawson

Special cherry pie

Nigella's dense chocolate cake

(Free) Salmon with Watercress Sauce

Mom serves bitter greens again

Mom makes spicy noodles

Bacon salmon

Hamburger Helper à la crème fraîche

At last, cookies

Mom cooks zesty pasta

Leland tackles spanakopita

Mom goes to the farmer's market

Garlic soup with mussels

A new recipe and an old favorite

Coq au vin

A nice mid-week supper

Today I ate a cheese sandwich...um, made a pot roast

A springtime dessert

Maple granola, and spring cleaning

Toad in the hole

Jacques Pépin's scallop soufflé


The simple life

Mom tries David Chang's short ribs


Ruth Wakefield's Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

David Chang's short ribs

Nick Malgieri's Best and Easiest Banana Cake

Two people and a ham

Goat cheese salad

Baked pasta

Hot cross buns

Pumpkin ravioli with bacon

Ruth Reichl's macaroni and cheese

Pletzlach and pudding

Chicken wings and cupcakes

Pasta with spicy broccoli and pine nuts

Amanda Hesser's Lemon Chicken

Martha Stewart's caramel nut bars

Nine-hour pork shoulder

Quiche party

Spoon pork, for the last time


Leland tackles meatloaf

Croque monsieur


Polenta and Wüsthof

Cheese soufflé

Braised Pork Shoulder, part two

Favorite meat loaf

Mark Bittman's Braised Pork Shoulder, part one

Wild mushroom risotto

Butternut squash race

Yam chips

Spoon Pork


Pesto my way

Pork Chops Rebecca

Pasta Puttanesca

Can she bake a cherry pie

Potato, bacon, and Gruyère quiche

A man-pleasing dinner

Zucchini, bacon, and Gruyère quiche

Yam pyramids

Potato soup

Pantry Soup

Scalloped potatoes

Garlic & eggplant rice

Butternut squash soup and Via Emilia

Moules marinières

Eggs and potatoes

Spaghetti al limone

Pierogies and collard greens

Pork roast and whipped cream

Guiness ginger cake

Spaghetti with butternut squash and goat cheese

Roast chicken with croutons

Man food: Lamb meatballs and chicken wings

Chocolate chip cookies to die for

Dinner with Uncle Ted and Emily

Duck breast and red wine risotto

Boiling vortex eggs with wild salmon caviar

Sour cream coffee cake

Macaroni and cheese

Chicken stew

Pierogies à la Provençale

New daube and Buona Sera

Cesare Casella's Tuscan fries


Catch up weblogging

Daube of short ribs

My first daube

My first roast chicken

Practice hors d'oeuvre

Whole Chicken Breasts

Barley party

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