Insalata capreseInsalata caprese

Caprese salad is my favorite summer dish, not least because it involves no cooking. If you have beautiful, fresh ingredients, you are just minutes away from a perfect summer meal.

My version contained Jersey tomatoes from the Greenmarket, mozzarella from Murray’s, basil from Garden of Eden, and toasted pine nuts. I put olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the table just in case, but I don’t think either is necessary in the middle of summer when tomatoes are bursting with juice and flavor. With a few ears of sweet white corn and a bit of bread, it was satisfying and, most importantly for me, healthy!

(Confession: I have chocolate chip cookies in the oven to be enjoyed in an hour, when I’ll be starving.)


I agree, that is a perfect summer meal; wish I were there to enjoy it with you!

It truly is a garden state. I miss the Jersey produce, which we used to eat when we lived in Philly.

Soooo, which chocolate chip cookie recipe did you use this time??

The same one I always use, from wordstoeatby, but they came out very different from the last time. Baking is so weird. I used the same ingredients and equipment, but the cookies were a different shape and texture. My pastry chef friend said the chocolate tasted old. :\

Flour behaves differently in the hot, humid weather than it does in the winter; that’s why Europeans weigh flour rather than measure it by volume.

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