We’re finally back home from a long and fattening trip to Pittsburgh, land of cheap beer and home cooking. n8 has practically gone on hunger strike. On Thursday night we had greens and beans from the Crock Pot. A bit salty but delicious nonetheless. I wish I had the space for a slow cooker. Maybe in our next apartment. Friday dinner was was delicious macaroni and cheese with panko bread crumbs, which my mom insists are far better than regular bread crumbs. Personally I make my own bread crumbs with reliable success. I had a second large helping of them at 2 am after several drinks and woke up in the middle of the night with an awful stomach ache, but it was worth it. Saturday we had a mediocre meal at MorĂ© restaurant in Oakland, a Christmas Eve tradition. The food isn’t worth mentioning.

Christmas dinner was gargantuan. Mom made a beef roast with a crispy dough topping. The dish was loaded with rosemary, dates, raisins, and figs. I enjoyed the flavor, although I just don’t enjoy beef the way other people seem to. Unless it’s as soft as salmon, I just find it unpleasant to chew and swallow. I like a deeply marinated grilled steak, I suppose, and meatloaf, etc. It’s just these massive hunks of beef and steaks that I’m tired of. For sides we had mashed potatoes, apple sauce, and salad, and for dessert we had apple pie, pumpkin-chocolate cheesecake, gingerbread, and fresh whipped cream. All 10 of us were more than sated. n8 and I were thrilled to get home last night and eat a sensible salad and a small piece of wild salmon. This will be a week of light meals with expensive ingredients, courtesy of my Whole Foods gift cards. Last night I got us some Montgomery cheddar, which Max McCalman describes as the best cheddar in the world. I’d say it’s a toss-up with Keen’s.


Mom is getting all huffy about her precious panko crumbs now. I’ll give them a try. Does anyone know if I can get them on the cheap in Chinatown?

they are japanese so they can be hard to find. there is one store that carries a lot of japanese stuff, however, there is no way i can even explain where it is. next time i go i will pay attention to its specific location

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