Spaghetti al limoneSpaghetti al limone

I made my first spaghetti al limone tonight courtesy of a recipe from New York Magazine. My only variations from the linked recipe are that I used mixed peppercorns rather than white pepper, and that I added toasted pine nuts.

Delicious! I was a bit put off by the entire pint of heavy cream called for, and in fact if I make it again I’ll use 3/4 pint instead, since it was on the soupy side. But if you can get your hands on a Meyer lemon (my new favorite mid-winter fruit—Whole Foods has them for about .90 each), this makes a great side dish for company, or a main dish for a romantic night in. You can divide the recipe in half pretty easily, or just make the whole recipe and heat up leftovers for the rest of the week.


Yes, you could eat the leftovers… until a crazed refrigerator cleaning office wench throws them away!

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