Braised Pork Shoulder, part twoBraised Pork Shoulder, part two

After about ninety minutes on the stove, I ended up with an acceptable dish of braised pork:

I do wish I had browned it, because it was missing that Maillard Reaction goodness. I also wish it had one or two more vegetables in it. Markie B likes to keep it simple and have very few ingredients, but some celery and potatoes would not have been amiss.

I still have an enormous, bony pork shoulder in the freezer that I plan to roast with no further butchering.


I believe the Maillard reaction is discussed thoroughly in Robert Wolke’s book, What Einstein Told His Cook ; I’m sure browning would have contributed a lot to the color and flavor of your dish. I guess you can always try again with another shoulder since the price was so low although it may be awhile before you feel like dealing with all that pigskin.

you need to braise pork for 3 1/2 hours for acceptable tenderness.

Thanks, Mike. I’ll definitely do that with the remaining shoulder. That silly recipe only called for a little over one hour. The meat was surprisingly tender, but there was nothing too memorable about it.

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