Sour cream coffee cakeSour cream coffee cake

I baked my second cake ever today, a sour cream coffee cake from I Knew You Were Coming so I Baked a Cake.

This cake involved no sifting and no mixer (a happy coincidence, since I have no mixer and no sifter!). Everything went according to plan except the time in the book seems to be off—I pulled it out after just over 35 minutes, but it was supposed to bake for 45-55 minutes. Also, as you can see, we had some breakage in the middle of the cake, but I don’t really care about that too much.

I bought my bundt pan today from Sur la table for about $10. In case anyone is interested, all of their Christmas merchandise, including pots and pans, is 75% off. I came very close to buying a Christmas tree bundt pan, but I thought better of it.

Speaking of Sur la table, I just looked at their website and they are selling the silicone Orka oven mitt in green, regularly $20, for $6.99!


prob not the book’s fault but probably just the difference in ovens.

That’s what I thought too, but I do have a thermometer in there, and I was at 350 the whole time. Anyway, the cake is perfect, and I made a note in the book about the time.

I miss you, Steak!

Tap a little powdered sugar (confectioner’s) through a strainer on top of the cake and it will disguise the crack and make it look pretty. It’s fairly common for that to happen, even to experienced bakers.

How you do it is put a spoonful of sugar in the strainer, hold it over the cake, and then lightly tap the edge of the strainer with the spoon and the sugar sifts decoratively through the strainer and on top of the cake.

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