Bacon-thyme tenderloinBacon-thyme tenderloin

Everything that comes out of my kitchen these days smells like bacon and thyme. I can’t seem to keep these ingredients out of the fridge, as I find the flavor combination irresistible and addictive. I go through phases like this a few times a year, usually as a result of overbuying certain ingredients and running out of others: garlic and rosemary, lemon and cumin, prosciutto and sage.This one will eventually pass, and I hope it’s soon, because eating bacon more than once a week may not be wise.

For the time being, though, here is my pork tenderloin stuffed with you know what:

This was delicious and extremely easy. I tossed potatoes, carrots, and onions with olive oil and seasonings, and I put them in the oven to roast at 375ยบ. While those were getting started, I cut open my tenderloin, stuffed it with two slices of bacon and a bunch of thyme sprigs, and then wrapped the package with two more strips of bacon to hold it all together. I seared it in olive oil and then roasted it with the vegetables for about 45 minutes. It came out perfectly medium rare and full of those flavors I can’t stop craving.


What an absolutely delicious looking fall meal! And quick! My kinda’ meal. I think I’ve got a pork tenderloin somewhere in the freezer….If not I’ll be venturing out to Pittsburgh’s newly opened Trader Joe’s and hunting that down as well as fresh thyme! Thanks for the inspiration!

Just think how good this would be with home made apple sauce! Not sure about the “medium rare”, though, I like mine a little more thoroughly cooked, although I know pork tenderloin shouldn’t be cooked too much.

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