kitchen equipment

E. Dehillerin and square tarts

Mom buys gadgets

Advanced tart-making

Our new kitchen island

Leland makes fresh pasta

Mom has an idea

A Shun chef's knife

A food processor!

Leland steals a Le Creuset dutch oven

Mom eats crow

Cooking 101, Mom’s Applesauce

Lidia's meat sauce

Mom gets spice rack

Mom likes her new kitchen

Kitchen update, cont. - the stain

First kitchen update

Mom says good-bye

At last, cookies

Broadway Panhandler sale

A nice mid-week supper

Good deal on saucepan

Baked pasta

My new microplane

Polenta and Wüsthof

The rice cooker I had to have

Appliance adventures, part 2

Guiness ginger cake

Obit: Bodum Ibis

Alfi Trax carafe

Global vegetable cleaver

Good deal on Calphalon saucier

Best things, Part II: Garlic

Bodum Ibis electric kettle

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