Mom gets spice rackMom gets spice rack

The contractors finally installed my in-drawer spice rack today, which basically consists of three slightly angled pieces of wood attached across the width of the drawer so I can stack rows of spice jars on them as you see in the photo. In case you’re squinting and reading the names on the containers and wondering where the essentials, like the thyme, cayenne pepper, and oregano are, I have a smaller spice rack hanging on the wall with my more frequently used seasonings in it. This one is for those I don’t need so often.

One thing I discovered as I was emptying the box of jars and containers into the new rack was that I seem to have three big jars of autumn leaf sugar cake decorations. Given that I use sugar shapes sparingly to start with (there’s something about the mouth-feel of the crunch on top of a creamy frosting I just don’t like) I’m guessing I have enough of these to last me for the rest of my life.

Posted earlier today and temporarily removed while Leland and Mom had a slightly tense email exchange:

At the risk of being kicked off this blog by my anti-religious son, I’m putting in a plug for a series of spiritual growth classes starting next week, using the book Rise Above It: Spiritual Development Through the Ten Commandments, by Ray and Star Silverman. It takes the Ten Commandments and relates them to daily life. The book brings in complementary teachings from different major world religions as well as the 12-step philosophy. It is filled with heart, depth and personal application.

Life is a journey and we all need a road map. My husband and I participated in these classes about four years ago and found them to be very rewarding; we expect to get even more out of them this time. Groups are being held in different locations Sunday through Thursday starting September 17 and running for 10 weeks. For more information or to sign up, email Feel free to attend just one or two sessions; they are self-contained.

(We have great snacks at these things, too!)


This is highly cute. I keep my spices flat in drawers too, but have no little shelfy thing. Consequently, mine are a big old mess.

Awww, man! That’s what I wanted to do (and planned to do) with my spices but at the last minute my husband the coffee drinker wanted the coffee pot on the counter right above that drawer so it then was repurposed as the hold-all-the-coffee-and-coffee-filters drawer.

And I’m left without a good place for my spices.

But your spice drawer looks great. That’s such a good way to organize them.

Lindy, I can give you the names of a couple of handymen who could probably put those strips of wood in the drawer for you at minimal cost; I’m so pleased with it, compared to my previous system with everything all jumbled up together.

Julie, my coffeepot is actually sitting on the counter right above this drawer, but fortunately there’s a little cupboard just to the right that previously was inaccessible but the contractors put hinges on its cover and now it’s perfect for mugs and coffee filters, etc. It’s kind of an extension of my dish cabinet that stretches off to the side that I never used for anything because stuff would get buried deep in there and then I couldn’t reach it. When I emptied it I found 2 great big cappuccino cups I didn’t even know I had, plus a set of pasta bowls.

Maybe you could put a basket on the counter for coffee stuff and get the drawer back. Lowe’s has some great-looking storage baskets of all shapes and sizes. Stuff on the counter always looks better if it’s contained in something.

My coffee stuff sits on a tray on the counter. My spices stand in see through plastic containers (the kind that are supposed to hold shampoo in the bath, but the suction cups don’t work) and these plastic containers slide around on a cabinet shelf, making all the little spices more or less seeable. And my everyday use spice system you can see on my flickr account, I think. The everyday spices are over there because my stove is sort of marooned in a corner far from the counter.

My spicy thoughts.

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