Mom says good-byeMom says good-bye

Construction, or I should say destruction, finally started on the old kitchen today. Doug Orie, of Orie Construction is doing the work for me and I have been assured by my friend Nancy Stillson that he has a good eye for color and is reliable. He’s sanding and refinishing my old beech cabinets, putting in a new floor and counters, and installing a new stove and over the range microwave, as well as putting in new lighting and shelves. He’ll also be giving the whole kitchen a fresh coat of paint and texturing the ceiling so it won’t look so bumpy.

Good-bye, Blanket ‘o Flame cooktop!

Good-bye, Modern Maid oven! (too small to roast a turkey in)

Good-bye, cramped cooking corner with broken broiler that explodes in my face every time I leave you on for more than five minutes, as well as hideous yellow formica counters that clash with the wall tile!

Good-bye, old fashioned hammered metal hardware on beech cabinets that dates from my childhood! Nostalgia gets old after awhile…


Nostalgia gets old after awhile…

Are you trying to give Mr. Berra a run for his money?

I like our crazy old kitchen! But I’m glad you’re getting new things. I wish I could get some new things.

My parents have hammered metal hardware on their kitchen cabinets which are from the 1950s. It must have been very popular back in the day.

Congratulations on the kitchen reno! Please keep us posted … it already sounds like it’s going to be beautiful. I love the pics of your old appliances!

Very funny, Nathan-I guess I can always be counted on to belabor the obvious!

Don’t be bitter, Leland; you can always use my new stove when you come home to visit. Besides, weren’t you offered an all-new kitchen as a bribe to move into the apartment below yours? So you CHOSE to keep the old one, you’re not a victim!

It was popular then, Julie; every time I take a dish out I feel like I’m a five-year old with arthritis.

Thanks, Ivonne! If you like photos of old kitchen appliances you would probably love my antique bathroom. You should see what was uncovered today in the kitchen…

I hope your remodel goes smoothly. Will you be writing about the things that were uncovered?

We have just begun a remodel on our kitchen. We ripped the whole thing out. Today, we have just bare studs, and some new framing. We should have a working kitchen again in early October.

Summer is the perfect time for a kitchen remodel, as we can cook outside. Summer is the worst time for a kitchen remodel, as I love to make preserves and pickles. There really is no perfect time for a kitchen remodel.

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Thanks for visiting our blog and commenting, Kimberly; see today’s post.

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