Alfi Trax carafeAlfi Trax carafe

Amazon has a good price on this carafe, which reminds me of the beautiful Swedish one Uncle Ted gave me last year. Carafes are an excellent way to keep your coffee or tea hot without turning bitter as fast as they will in a heated coffee pot. This one comes in gray and blue as well, but I prefer the green!


I have often wondered how well carafes work … I shall take your word for it!

The green is very smart, although the blue would go nicely in my dining room. How much does it hold?

BTW, have you found that that snazzy Bodum coffeemaker doesn’t really keep the coffee hot the way it’s supposed to? I realize that you don’t really want to keep coffee on a hot plate for more than a half hour or so, hence the carafe, but it doesn’t even keep it hot for that long.


It has an 8-cup capacity. And yes, I have noticed that with the Bodum. I pour it right into the carafe.

Another coffee trick I’ve been using to keep the flavor fresh and interesting is to throw one or two whole cardamom pods into the beans when I grind them. It’s a nice change.

Am I really blogging?? This is such fun. Your photos are incredible as well as your descriptions. Love you

Yes, you are! Well, you’re commenting on a blog, which is a start. I love you too!

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