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I was reading Smitten Kitchen’s excellent and thorough post on baking bread this morning, in which she mentions taking a temperature reading to determine if the bread is done. Coincidentally, I happen to have ordered a new digital thermometer just last night, from at a very reasonable price, and I was thinking today that it would be handy to have a magnetized list of the temperatures at which foods are done, like the flat, rectangular refrigerator magnets given away by businesses that have their phone numbers and other information on them.

This magnet I’m talking about could include temperatures for candy, meats, liquids (I’m thinking about my short career as a barista and how we heated the milk for lattes and cappuccinos to a certain temperature), and of course bread. I would stick it to my stove hood so it would be accessible whenever I needed to consult it. If any readers have ever seen anything like this in a kitchen supply store, let me know. I’m also wondering if I could make one myself, somehow. Hmm, a project for a rainy day.


It would be very easy to make one yourself. Most (if not all) craft stores have sheets of magnets with an adhesive side. Just print out a list of temperatures, stick it onto the magnet, and there you go!

You can buy printable magnet paper and make your own if you can’t find any. I’ve thought of doing the same thing for weights for flour, sugar, etc. when baking. I prefer to measure for more accuracy and to speed things up. It would be great to have a quick reference on the fridge.

Here’s an example.
You can make anything here. You can even order multiples if they turn out well, for gifts or other metallic kitchen surfaces. It’s free to sign up. I make far too much stuff on this website.
Here are the different products you can slap a design on:

Hey, thanks for the ideas!

Carly, I suspected, but didn’t know for sure, that craft shops might have something like you describe. Those sticky magnet sheets could come in very handy, such as a photo backing.

Annie, I love all the ideas at cafepress, but it didn’t look like I could design a magnet with just writing on it. I may order some t-shirts from them for my husband’s band though.

Sylvia, I definitely never heard of printable magnetized sheets of paper, but I love the idea of them and I just ordered some from the link you provided.

that’s a good idea… my thermometer came with a sheet of paper with all the times and temperatures, which i taped onto the digital readout part. somehow it got untaped and lost and now i google temps every time i need to know.

to use cafepress, write out what you want on paper and take a pic of it and make your item using the .jpg

Sounds like a prospective small business venture. Go for it!

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