Good deal on saucepanGood deal on saucepan

Amazon has a great price on a Calphalon 2.5-quart saucepan. It’s $24.49 down from $119. Uncle Ted and I have been using and loving the 8-quart version for months.

Update: Amazon must have sold out of their own stock, because now it’s going through a third-party who charges a fortune for shipping.


That sounds tempting, but if I get a new pan, what I need is a skillet with an oven-proof handle, so I can make that chicken from The Wednesday Chef —believe it or not I actually don’t have a skillet in my kitchen right now that would work for that recipe. My Berndes pan needs to be thrown out because the non-stick coating is flaking off really badly and I don’t think the handle on the other non-stick skillet is oven-proof. With all that lemon in the recipe I wouldn’t use cast iron.

Did Amazon have any other Calphalon pans on sale?

Didn’t you read the product description? “Riveted, oven-safe handle is cast stainless steel.”

I put my other Calphalon in the oven almost every day. Please throw out that crazy Berndes pan before you all get Teflon poisoning!

I meant I needed a skillet, not a saucepan, not that I had any doubts about the oven-worthiness of Calphalon! I hadn’t even looked at the description yet, and please don’t scold your mother in public.

Anyway, I just ordered that 12-inch lidded skillet with the double handles. They say the hard-anodized aluminum is non-reactive; I hope so. I think a pan like that can go right on the table and look okay to serve out of, don’t you?

You’re right, all those prices are great!

Sorry for the scolding. And yes, I think they are fine for serving. Enjoy your skillet!

When I ordered my pan it was eligible for free super-saver shipping.

Well we’re the lucky ones!

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