Leland steals a Le Creuset dutch ovenLeland steals a Le Creuset dutch oven

I’ve wanted a Le Creuset dutch oven for years, but it always has been and still is out of my price range, even at Amazon. I think of Le Creuset as the cookware that you graduate to once you’ve worked your way through all the other cheap and expensive crap on the market, the one that you’ll have until you die. It’s beautiful, functional, and durable. And it’s pricey as hell.

I was aware of the sale at Broadway Panhandler, and I knew that they had marked all Le Creuset down by forty percent. This morning, FreshDirect sent me a 5.5-pound pot roast (I was expecting 3 or 4 pounds), and I decided to take a trip down to 8th Street to see what was left in stock. My heart was quickly captured by the flame red five-quart oval dutch oven. The only one left was the display model, which didn’t bother me at all. But even at $147, it took an hour to convince myself that it was worth it. Nathan said he trusted my decisions on cookware, so I pulled the trigger.

I don’t understand what happened next, but here is my receipt:

The angel at the counter gave me an unexpected thirty percent off the sale price, bringing the $250 dutch oven down to a cool $100. I don’t know if it was a display model discount (which the sales clerk told me wasn’t happening), or if he was flirting (though this cashier was decidedly straight). Either way, I kept my bargain-hungry mouth shut and ran home with my gorgeous pot, cradling it like a baby for fear that it would break the bag.

Here she is on her maiden voyage, browning the pot roast that we’ll be eating for weeks because we can’t find enough people to come eat it with us.


You’ll never regret the purchase. I bought a round one of similar size at the Le Creuset outlet in Grove City a couple of years ago and I use it all the time. Nothing holds heat as well or cooks as evenly. I only regret not getting one sooner.

Nice deal!

That’s exactly like the knock-off I have, same size and shape. I love it and use it at least once a week, for pot roast, spaghetti sauce, roast chicken, stew, even soup. I love the way it browns and nothing seems to stick to it. It also washes beautifully in the dishwasher, although I know you don’t have one of those yet.

dare i say, one of the things i miss the most about my ex is the le creuset i purchased for him …

You are hilarious Leland! You always make me laugh out loud when I read your posts and it’s a nice pick-me-up at work!

Yay! You will love that baby until the end of time. I’ve had one of my Creuset’s since 1997 now and it’s like a part of my family. I exaggerate, but only a little… ;)

I have a round one that I have had for 12 years. I use it at least once a week in the winter.I live in Phoenix so not so much in the winter. I also have a much smaller one that makes perfect rice every time!

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