Obit: Bodum IbisObit: Bodum Ibis

Our Bodum Ibis kettle, which you may remember I have always been thrilled with, died yesterday. Based on rudimentary calculations, she boiled water approximately 1,500 times since October 2004. I’m at a loss for what to do. I emailed Bodum to ask about the warranty, but since I have no box or receipt I have a feeling they’ll tell me to take a hike. I’ve had my eye on this Rowenta kettle for a couple years, but I don’t know how wise it is to buy design pieces for practical purposes.

In the meantime, I’m boiling water for coffee in a sauce pan, which drives me crazy. This weekend I will pull out the Bodum Santos, which has been hiding in the cupboard ever since I had a queeny (my spellchecker wants me to write “queenly”) surface crisis a few weeks ago.

Nathan made dinner last night and I’m going out tonight with Uncle Teddy, so no food porn for you today. At work I’m writing two pieces, one about canned milks and another about edible flowers, which, based on my research, I wouldn’t recommend eating under any circumstances!

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