food products

Rancho Gordo beans

Philippine civet coffee

Frog Hollow Farm peaches

Mom shops at McGinnis Sisters

Another cherry pie

A chocolate confession

Pancakes and English muffins

Raw milk party

La Cense ribeye


Mom puts kitchen back together

Mom gets upset

Swiss chard

Mom eats muffins

Mom goes to Altoona

New York store-bought ravioli

Mom gets a delivery from UPS

Product update

Mom serves bitter greens again

Mom buys Cuisine Perel

La Fée Verte

Burrata and free steak

A nice mid-week supper

Today I ate a cheese sandwich...

Tasting ramps

Mom is hometown proud

Ramps and fiddlehead ferns

Culinary Secrets—smoked paprika and white balsamic vinegar

Beauty secret

Whole Foods Market focaccia

Dried cèpes, and how I learned to like mushrooms

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