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I’m sorry to say that preliminary field trials of the Cuisine Perel cilantro citrus oil were a big disappointment and I withdraw my endorsement of this product. It in no way compares in flavor to the Consorzio cilantro oil in flavor, and when I said it was delicious I was fudging the data, embarrassing as that is to admit, in much the same way as those Pitt researchers did recently.

But I’m making a clean breast of it now; don’t waste your money on Cuisine Perel cilantro oil! I admit I was overexcited when I bought it and couldn’t wait to share my discovery with all my readers, so I reported on it before I had actually tasted it. It’s the Consorzio cilantro oil that smelled and tasted so strongly of fresh cilantro and imparted the flavor to everything I used it in, both cooked and uncooked. The Cuisine Perel, at least so far, smells and tastes only slightly of citrus and not at all of cilantro. Huge letdown. Perhaps a write-in campaign to the Consorzio folks begging them to reconsider the discontinuation of the cilantro oil is in order.


I am just finishing up my last bottle of consorzio cilantro oil and am desparately trying to get more. I was thinking of buying the Cuisine Perel cilantro oil and am so glad I did a search and found this site. You saved me the money. I am so disappointed that Consorzio discontinued it. If I had known, I would have bought many cases.

That’s exactly what I thought when I tried to replace my last bottle; I wished I had bought several cases!

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