Burrata and free steakBurrata and free steak

The Wednesday Chef has steered us right yet again—burrata is delicious. On my way home from happy hour on 17th Street, I figured today was as good a day as ever to obtain this stuffed-mozzarella wonder from Garden of Eden. I didn’t have the time or clear-headedness to make Russ Parsons’s recipe properly, so I just served the cheese on little squares of pumpernickel bread with Maldon and pepper. We cleared two plates of them while catching up on Lost and The OC.

Incidentally, Garden of Eden has fresh morels for $40 a pound. This is the first time I have seen fresh morels—is this a good price, and are they worth buying? Dried ones are obtained easily enough from FD or Whole Foods.

When FD finally arrived tonight at 9:30, they brought with them 1.8 pounds of marinated skirt steak

…for free. Skirt steak is a consistent favorite of mine in the steak department, which I frequent very rarely, as I think steak is mostly an expensive waste of chewing. This morsel was huge and tasty. I simply seared it in a hot cast-iron skillet and served it medium rare, with rice.

FreshDirect is running promos like this all summer, giving away other pieces of marinated meat and things like cherry pie and vegetable kabobs. Keep your eyes open.


I hope we can get some burrata when Poppy and I are in town next month! It’s got to be one of the few things that we really can’t obtain here in Pittsburgh.

Morels are easy to grow. Just get a log. We used to raise them.

Weren’t those shitakes, Mom? I know you have a lot of morels growing wild around where you live. Now that Doris has moved maybe she’ll spill the beans about where they can be found; I know she was kind of secretive about it before. I have read that in Italy murder has actually been committed over the location of good truffle-hunting patches!

Yay! You liked burrata – glad I steered you right… ;) And can’t wait to hear how your trip to Berlin was!

Grandma: where exactly do you want me to put this log in my apartment?

Mom: Yes, I’ve read about morel hunters going out in the middle of the night. And truffle hunting, good lord. Can you imagine finding a big truffle? It’s like finding gold.

Luisa: Let’s have that drink soon!

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