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Alert readers may have noted that I have referred in my posts to Consorzio cilantro-infused olive oil. I don’t know about you, but I have never found a satisfactory substitute for fresh cilantro; dried cilantro doesn’t taste anything like the fresh herb, and I have tried “freeze-dried” cilantro with the same lackluster results. I’ve even tried reconstituting dried or freeze-dried by adding liquid to it and soaking or microwaving it but it still doesn’t taste anything like it’s supposed to taste.

You’re probably asking yourselves why I don’t just buy a bunch of the fresh and be done with it, but this herb is perishable; far more perishable than any other herb I’ve ever used, even basil, with its tendency to turn brown at the drop of a hat. So unless I know I’m using it that day or the next, I usually don’t buy it and don’t have it on hand.

What I always did have on hand was the Consorzio cilantro oil, which tasted amazingly and wonderfully of fresh cilantro, and was terrific used in almost any dish that called for the herb. Then, to my horror, Consorzio stopped producing this variety of their oil, along with the equally wonderful rosemary-infused olive oil, which I liked to use for basting pork roast or chops. I guess they weren’t selling as well as the basil or roast garlic-infused olive oils, although I personally sold lots of bottles, pressing them on total strangers whenever I was in McGinnis Sisters, my favorite specialty food emporium.

Anyway, imagine my delight last week when I was at Mcginnis Sisters and saw that Cuisine Perel has a new flavor of their infused grapeseed oil, citrus and cilantro flavored. I don’t usually buy grapeseed oil, although I know it’s supposed to be healthy and it has a high smoke point. I just don’t like the flavor. But I’m making an exception for this one because it really is delicious, and now I have that fresh cilantro flavor in my cupboard again.


I am definitely looking into this. I’m a fiend for fresh cilantro, and I do buy it all the time, but as you note, it is really perishable,often find, when I go to use it, that it has, in fact, perished. I need to get some of this for backup. and I actually like grapeseed oil, myself. thanks for the tip.

Good to know about. I actually buy cilantro pretty regularly just to have it on hand but you’re right that it has a fleeting life. I have thrown out more than I’ve eaten over the years.

Thank you so much for this reference (cilantro flavored oil source)…I, too, have used Consorzio’s for years and am going into withdrawal without it! I love cilantro, use it on meats, veggies, with fruit, pastas, etc.The flavored oil was perfect for me…for, as you point out…the herb is SO perishable! I’ve been going crazy looking for a new source! Many thanks!

I have been a fan and user of the Consorzio Cilantro oil for years and bought it by the case. I am on my last bottle so I am delighted that I came across this information.
I am ordering as soon as I finish thanking you!

Thank you – Thank you – Thank you!!!

Hi, Dr. Vreeland! I thought I updated this post, I certainly meant to. DO NOT buy the Cuisine Perel oil!! I wrote the post before doing an adequate taste test. It in no way equals the Consorzio oil or even comes close and is not worth the money. In fact, two years later I don’t even know if they still make it.

What I did find recently at Trader Joes that seems worth keeping around is teaspoon sized portions of frozen cilantro, can’t remember the brand off hand and I’m packing for a trip and don’t want to take the time to run downstairs to look in the freezer but check the TJ’s freezer section. They came in a sheet kind of like a sheet of allergy pills or something, with blister packs of the herb you could detach one portion at a time.

Cuisine Perel has some of the best tasting vinegars and grapeseed oils i have ever tasted. I enjoy all of their products very much and don’t see how you don’t.

Well, James, I guess there’s no way we can really experience what the other does, but I defy you to detect any flavor of cilantro in the Cuisine Perel cilantro oil. I agree that their vinegars do taste good but I personally don’t care for the flavor of grapeseed oil, although I know it’s supposed to be healthful. I believe what we have here is an example of the smaller the stakes, the higher the passion.

Has anyone ever tried making cilantro pesto and freezing it after a day or so of infusing into the olive oil? I make basil pesto like this all the time and freeze it in icecube trays. When we want some, then, I just defrost a cube or two and serve it at room temperature. It lasts a month or so.

I’ve never tried this, not being sure what cilantro pesto would be used for, but I guess it would be good dolloped onto chili or black beans. Or fish or chicken, for that matter. I’m assuming that you don’t put any cheese in it.

I think the Cuisine Perel Citrus Cilantro Grapeseed Oil based product is the best! The other products taste like olive oil. Grapeseed oil has no taste or smell so the natural flavor of citrus cilantro explodes out of the bottle. Try marinating shrimp in the CP Citrus Cilantro Grapeseed oil and then cooking on a grill. You died and went to heaven!

The fruit vinegars are great. All natural ingredients. Try the Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar on mixed greens, strawberries and a little blue cheese, outstanding!

Hi Liz—thanks for your comment! I agree with you about the vinegars; they are outstanding, but I’m sticking to my opinion regarding the citrus cilantro grapeseed oil, to me it tastes of neither citrus nor cilantro.

Citrus Cilantro grapeseed oil is a great subsitute. Move on if you don’t like it. I think it is great and Cuisine Perel make a fabulous product. I just heard that they are coming out with a cheaper bottle for there vinegars to bring the cost down. Has anyone seen them in their stores yet? If you find it let me what know what stores to go to. I love their vinegars. I have lost a lot of weight using them instead of balsamic vinegar. A lot of variety

Thanks, Mary, I have moved on, although I still haven’t found an adequate substitute for the Consorzio cilantro oil. I will agree with you on the Cuisine Perel vinegars, they are delicious, every one that I’ve tried. I’m especially fond of the fig vinegar drizzled on a roasted walnut, pear, and gorgonzola salad over a few leaves of crisp romaine.

I just called the Cusine Perel main office and asked them about there new round bottle of vinegars. They said that Kehee distributors picked them up and are distributing them to retail stores. They have 8 different flavors. They said if you want to see in your stores then you need to ask your local grocerey store to get them.

Thanks, Mary; that’s really useful! McGinnis Sisters, my local grocery, is really responsive about getting in items like that. They already carry all the vinegars and oils. I wonder if the new bottle is still glass or if it’s plastic.

They said it was going to be glass because plastic isn’t good for vinegar. They also said that they are not changing the formula just glass. Depending on store $3.00 less.

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