Philippine civet coffeePhilippine civet coffee

I received as a gift today a small jar of Philippine civet coffee, a peculiar variety of coffee bean that is harvested from the droppings of a mountain rodent in the Philippines. Has anyone tried this?


When I was showing it around to people at work, even fellow coffee addicts dropped their jaws in disgust. Nathan wanted me to rinse off the beans before brewing. As if they hadn’t been cleaned and roasted already! I can only imagine what Mom will say. Apparently these civets eat only the best coffee cherries, which have the beans inside. The beans pass through the animal whole, and I imagine because of the grossness and tedium of collecting them, it’s the most expensive coffee in the world (around $250 per pound, if you believe the linked story above).

The smell of the beans is intense, and definitely stronger than what I’m used to. I’ll report on the taste tomorrow in a comment. For the first batch (and the jar is so small, there will only be two batches), I’m cold-brewing it. I figure that’s a gentle way to treat the beans, and the best way to appreciate the flavor. It’s also 75ยบ in my apartment because of our new, overactive boiler, so cold coffee will be welcome in the morning.


Update: it tastes like coffee! Hmm. I wish I had an espresso maker to try it that way.

people in this country are too squeamish.
i’m glad you enjoyed :)

Um, yuck…

Being preoccupied with thoughts of mouse feces I had a hard time enjoying my half cup, but I think it tasted normal. Actually I was trying desperately not to taste anything out of the ordinary.

I first heard about this stuff (Kopi Luwak) in 2001 or so, and Kathryn (who also comments here) bought a pound of it for my birthday or Christmas or something a couple years ago. I love it. Absolutely love it. Best coffee I’ve ever had. I’ve brewed it normally and made espresso out of it, and it’s been excellent every time.

As an aside, some of my friends and I used to call the stuff “lemur shit coffee”.

That is the most ridamndiculous thing I’ve ever heard. The next time my friends tells me that my coffee tastes like shit I’ll be able to appreciate their thoughtful review a little more.

Oy. What is it about the intestinal tract of the animal improves the bean? Or is it just that we know these beans are best because the civet has such, uh, exquisite taste and expertise in bean selection? Inquiring minds want to know….

I just received the same jar of coffee from my brother. I can’t wait to try it!

civets are not rodents. do some research

Although the point of the post is that the coffee is harvested from the droppings of the civet and not what species of animal the civet is, I in fact did some research and filipino is correct, the civet is not a rodent. It is a species in and of itself, although more closely resembling a cat. The Asian Palm Civet, from whose feces the kopi luwak is harvested, subsists mostly on fruit, so I’m wondering if the coffee has a fruity taste. Did you notice that, Leland?

very true, they are the best. presently am working in enara farm, we plant coffe, and its near the forest, civets eat them so we get their pu by the hundreds of kilos. and yes they taste so good. the best i should say.

i went to the source in Las Pinas. my father just got me 2 larger jars of that coffee. the sellers even made us a couple of cups espresso to sample to try. they had “pardo” or unrefined sugar too. good coffee

If you are a coffee drinker you will know what civet coffe is! that is the best!

Dont wash it its a bit oily and the smell of coffee is very strong.

The best way to serve it is by grinding it and use a paper filter.

I bought some of this coffee while in the Philippines last month. This has to be THE best coffee ever! I used my siphon coffee maker to brew it.

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