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We had a delicious brunch today with B & J at Yuca Bar on Avenue A at 7th street, in the old Leshko’s space, one of those cursed spaces that is constantly changing owners. I had arepas benedictos, which consisted of two lovely white corn cakes topped with eggs, smoked salmon, and a white sauce. Brunch was $10.95, and that included coffee and a drink. There aren’t many good brunches in New York at the price anymore, at least not that I know of. (Feel free to suggest other places. I’m only interested if there are drinks involved!)

I only have one complaint about the food: it wasn’t quite hot enough. My first bite, a homefry, was room temperature. Come on, people. I don’t care if it sits under a heat light or even goes in the microwave—just make it hot, please! Otherwise I feel like I have to rush through the plate in order to enjoy the food, and brunch is meant to be leisurely.


sounds delicious. i ate at the trusty le gamin (new location on hudson and w10th-ish). their oeuf gamin was new to me however, and it was great! a single poached egg on top of a potato pancake slice integrated with a bit of goat cheese which all sat on top of a tomato based salsa kind of thing. i ate the pancake with a touch of moutarde and i was in heaven!

the sunburnt cow, ave c between 8th and 9th, i think.
fun australian place. $15 for food and unlimited mimosas or bloody marys.
brunch is my favorite part of new york!

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