Whole Foods raises pricesWhole Foods raises prices

I’m on to you, Whole Foods Market. I know when you raise prices on the things I buy most. Just a few weeks ago, your house brand of ice cream went from $3.99 to $4.29. Then Trader Joe’s opened and it went back down. I was sad to learn last night that your olive oil, which is the only one in town I buy, went from $6.99/liter to $7.99/liter. Why raise prices on your house brand, which is one of the only things that keeps people like me shopping at your store and getting jacked on other items? If I can’t get a good deal on staples, I won’t have the opportunity to spend $26/pound on cheese.

If anyone knows a reliable place to get olive oil at a better price, please leave it in the comments.

January 2007 update

The olive oil went back to $6.99 a pound a few months ago, and I take full credit.


Hmmm.. come in with low prices, drive out the competition, and then raise the prices. Consumers get screwed on that one.

Cheap olive oil- probably not worth making a trip out to Astoria just to save a buck but they use it like water out there. All your staples are cheaper out of Manhattan.

Is it my imagination or did WF downsize their bags of house brand coffee? I thought I remembered them being 39 oz. and the last 2 times I bought them I thought, wow, these are sort of small. Today when I poured the beans into my canister I finally looked at the oz. and sure enough, the bag is marked 24 oz.—a lot smaller but the same price.

Shocking! I don’t know what they think they’re doing, but they better stop if they want to stay in business.

Not that this helps you, mommy, but I get my coffee at Porto Rico on Thompson Street. They almost always have something delicious on sale for $3.99 a pound.

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