Washington, D.C. hotspotsWashington, D.C. hotspots

n8 and I just got back from a decadent and delicious weekend in our nation’s capital, where we stayed in Dupont Circle with Brian. Below are a few of the good restaurants we went to, in no particular order.

Rice This precious Thai restaurant on 14th Street NW reeked of ginger, garlic, and lemongrass: three of my favorite things. I had pork dumplings ($6) and then chicken with crispy lemongrass ($12). The chicken was on the dry side, but the flavor was excellent, as was the presentation of both dishes.

L’Enfant Café This café, where we had lunch with Anna and Catherine, is in an area they called Adams-Morgan, which is where my parents met in the 1970s when they were roommates. The outside of this place is totally cheeseball—there’s an even a small replica of the Eiffel Tower. But the inside was cute and very European, and the food was mostly excellent. I had the crêpe complete (sic), stuffed with ham, Gruyère, and a perfectly undercooked egg yolk that moistened every bite. The sautéed red potatoes on the side were dull and room temperature, but otherwise I was pleased.

Logan Tavern This neighborhoody restaurant was just a block from Brian’s chic studio, and we had a satisfying meal here on Saturday night. n8 and I each had a bacon-blue cheese burger ($10.75), and Brian had macaroni and cheese with crab and shrimp. I noticed on my way to the restroom that there wasn’t really a chef there, just a few line cooks putting meals together, so I would avoid ordering anything elaborate here. In fact, I had to send my wildly overcooked burger back, but as long as it returns to the table properly cooked, in short order, and with a smile, this doesn’t bother me at all. We also enjoyed their house wine, Boonaroo (pronounced Booooooooonaroo).

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