UglyRipe tomatoes can leave Florida!UglyRipe tomatoes can leave Florida!

The UglyRipe tomato is coming to New York (and probably the rest of the country) starting tomorrow! This is the tomato that Jeb Bush, among others, thought was too ugly to export, even though it remains delicious throughout the winter. Flavor is too subjective, detractors said, and tomatoes from Florida should be uniformly smooth and attractive.

Fools! They’d only have to spend five minutes on food blogs to realize that eaters around the country, both on farms and in cities, seek out and pay absurd prices for the “ugliest,” craziest-looking heirloom tomatoes (of which UglyRipe is one), which tend to be packed with flavor, and which are therefore beautiful. It’s just so annoying that Florida would stand in the way of commerce and happiness to protect its image, as if anyone would look at a piece of produce, find it ugly, and subsequently change his opinion about an entire state.

I’ll be looking for them at Whole Foods this weekend. If anyone else tries them, please report! They’re being sold under the name Santa Sweets and should cost around $3 per pound.


Maybe I can find them in Florida and ship them to you!

It’s great news for foodies and tomato lovers!

Just wanted to let you know that the creator of the UglyRipe has started a blog called “The Tasty Tomato.”
You can get to it from their website at

I am so intrigued by this tomato! Go buy one and tell us how it is.

Everybody, I’m glad for all the support and excitement i’ve been reading in blogs everywhere about the Uglyripes and USDA’s decision.
If you have any questions about where to find them or any other questions about them, feel free to email me or Chris Grallert. My email is His email is


We’ve had UglyRipes at our Whole Foods (Chapel Hill, NC) for a while now – and they are GOOD. Not quite as good as an August tomato from the farmer’s market, but about one million times better than the little whitish things they normally call tomatoes in the wintertime.

The Ugly Tomato is just fantastic. The flavor is really delicious, far and above any other tomato.

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