TriBeCa Whole FoodsTriBeCa Whole Foods

Some notes on the TriBeCa Whole
, which I just toured this afternoon: It’s huge, and set up to accommodate families in the area. (Square footage is 69,000, second only to the Bowery location’s 71,000.) It has 13 checkout lines with conveyor belts (the first belts in the city) and 28 express checkout lines set up like others around town. The store offers oyster shucking; the biggest fresh-cut cheese department in town; the most grocery aisles; and a big bulk food section with items like beans, rice, grains, cereal, salt, and pepper. There’s a genji station (for sushi), a pizza station with a Roman-style oven, a Shawarmi station, a big bakery with bread made from scratch on the premises, and a crêpe station on the second floor.

The emphasis here is on local products, of course, and on recycling. The wood on the tables in the café was salvaged from some river in the south where it had been underwater since the 1800s, or some crazy thing like that. They’re really pushing the recycled bags here, and as always you get 10 cents credit for each bag that you bring. Unfortunately I was not allowed to take pictures during the tour, but the main floor of this store is unbelievably big. It’s the most suburban grocery store in the city, and I’ll be there when it officially opens this Wednesday!


Hi, Leland—I think all WF are pushing bag recycling; in fact the one in Pittsburgh doesn’t even give out those great blue plastic ones any more, just the paper (and haven’t they been shown to be just as environmentally destructive as plastic?) I always used the blue ones at home for my glass and plastic recycling and now I’m really scrounging for blue bags!

But more troubling is that WF has changed their recipes in a lot of baked goods! They no longer make pie crust with butter, but use some disgusting sounding “expeller palm shortening” or something. It’s way too hot to bake here today and we’re having a birthday dinner; I was going to get a WF pie but when I checked the ingredients I was shocked! When I asked them about it they said maybe it was because of cholesterol! I replied that science now says there is no link between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol and the woman just walked away from me.

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