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We had dessert at the new Sundaes & Cones on 10th Street last night after walking by it a few times recently during a craigslist-furniture-buying expedition. It’s nice, and they have some great flavors like corn and green tea. Nathan had a mocha-chip milkshake (small, $5), which tasted strongly of coffee. I saw the hot-fudge machine and decided I better have a sundae ($5.50). You have to pick two flavors and two toppings in addition to the whipped cream and cherries that come standard. I picked mint chocolate chip and pistachio with hot fudge and walnuts, and I passed on the cherries. The pistachio tasted oddly coconuty, but the mint was excellent, and so was the fudge.

My only bone to pick with Sundaes & Cones is about their use of canned Land-o-Lakes Light “whipped” cream. When I see a place making waffle cones right there on the counter and bragging about how they make everything in-house, and when I am spending more than $10 for ice cream, I’d like to at least see a refillable whipped-cream canister that uses CO2 cartridges. Why be cheap on the final step of the sundae, which is performed right on the counter in front of the customer? Amateurs.

(Sundaes and Cones / 95 E. 10th Street / New York, NY / (212) 979-9398)


You New Yorkers can eat corn ice cream and blue cheese/white chocolate cake until it comes out your ears but if you’re topping it with “light” whipped cream from a can your pretensions to sophistication are just that—pretensions. Not even the regular, the light! Have you ever read the ingredients in that junk? I wouldn’t feed it to the pigs, let alone pay $10 for the privilege of eating a sundae topped with it. I would never darken their doors again.

Hey, you don’t have to tell me! Who are you scolding, anyway? Coincidentally, the New York Times reviews Ditch Plains today, and they have the same whipped cream complaint that I did. Most New York food types won’t stand for it.

And the sundae was $5.50!

Hey Leland, it was nice to finally put a face to your blog when we bumped into each other in the library today. I can’t believe a place like that would have tubbed light whipped cream. It’s not like it’s even that hard to make by hand! I’ll have to go there sometime check it out, but for the price, I think I’d rather wait in line at Shake Shack or just find a Mister Softee.

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