Pittsburgh to get Trader Joe's!Pittsburgh to get Trader Joe's!

Well I’m all atwitter—this just in from a tiny item tucked into the inside of the business section of today’s Pittsburgh Post Gazette: “Trader Joe’s, an upscale private label organic and gourmet grocery store, will be opening a store in Pittsburgh this year, most likely in the fall, spokeswoman Alison Mochizuki confirmed yesterday. She could not confirm a store location. Langholz Wilson Ellis has been looking for local sites for the grocer, known for its ‘Two-Buck Chuck’ wine and reasonably priced fresh and frozen foods.”

Of course, with Pennsylvania’s arcane liquor licensing laws, TJ’s won’t be able to sell those ‘Two Buck Chuck’ wines here, but I don’t drink so I’m thrilled anyway. I know you hate them, Leland, but you have to admit that they will add some excitement to the Pittsburgh grocery scene!




You’re going to have to tell me all about it, Rebecca. We only got a Whole Foods about two years ago so I suspect it will be a long time before we see a Trader Joe’s.

I know some people object to these types of stores but I’m always curious.

I don’t think we can group WF and TJ together as “grocery stores.” TJ might compete with, say, 7-11, but they are no match for WF, at least for people who actually enjoy cooking fresh food.

Apart from their good deals on dairy, TJ is a waste of space and a bad influence.

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