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I’ll be leaving on a long-awaited trip to France tomorrow after work, returning to New York next Sunday, June 3. It’s a surprise trip for Nathan’s birthday that I planned and booked back in January and finally told him about last week. Keeping such a big secret has been like living a double life.

We’re spending the first three nights in Paris, the next three in Candes St. Martin (where we’ll rent a car and see the Loire Valley—suggestions are welcome!), and the final days in Tours, where I spent a year in college.

Mom will be holding down the fort in my absence. See you all soon!


Bon voyage! Have a great time. Don’t forget to bring back some mustard – Amora fine et forte.

The pressure!

Aren’t you taking your laptops with you so you can blog from there like I did from Spain?

The only suggestions I can give are to drink tons of wine and have an amazing time. Enjoy your holiday!

I may already be too late, but if you have time in Paris, eat at Chez Janou. It was one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten!!

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