Milestone for MomMilestone for Mom

Today is a milestone for me; my eldest son, Jon, celebrates his 27th birthday, and that means that I have now been a mother longer than I wasn’t a mother, since Jon was born when I was 26 years old here in Pittsburgh at Mercy Hospital. You young people may be surprised to know that we had birthing rooms back then and Jon was born in one. Here’s a photo of me and my baby at one of my birthday dinners, looks like it must have been about two years ago.

If my kitchen were operational I would make Jon his favorite meal – curried chicken salad from the Frog Commissary Cookbook followed by a cheesecake. Calvin’s birthday is coming up on Monday so we’re just going to take all the children out to dinner at Tessaro’s then. Calvin anxiously asked me if I would still make him a dinner when I could get back into the kitchen; he likes pie and probably wants cherry. I just hope and pray he won’t want fried chicken again, at least not until it gets cooler.


Congratulations to you and your handsome son! That’s a milestone that I never really stop to consider but it’s a big one.

I have to check out the curried chicken salad from the Frog Commissary Cookbook. I am on my second copy of the book having worn out the first.

My girl was 31 on the 18th, and I was 26 when she was born (Magee Hosp), too, so I hit that milestone awhile back. It is hard to imagine that they weren’t always here, somehow.

Actually, I find it hard to believe I didn’t always know my son-in-law, too. Partners are a great way to acquire extra children without the diapers thing.

Obviously, I need this cookbook. I bought some nifty used cookbooks while I was away, and hope to write about them soon.

You’re the best mommy ever! I love you!

Sweet! Happy Birthday to Jon and congrats on your milestone. My (also a Magee) “baby” turned seven and three quarters last week (and I turn 41 and three quarters next week but somehow that’s not nearly as fun). You don’t realize ‘til you’re a mom how very special someone else’s birthday can be to you!

Thanks, ladies (and Leland)! My Jonny is a handsome fellow and I wish he would get married and let some other woman (besides me) share the joy. I fear he is settling into curmudgeonly bachelorhood with his two cats and his video games, etc.

My youngest, Calvin, was born at Magee and although the easiest birth (just ask Leland how big HE was) I rate the Magee experience vastly inferior to Mercy, where I had both Leland and his brother.

Julie, you’re the first person I’ve met besides the woman who turned me on to the Frog Commissary Cookbook who ever even heard of it. How about that carrot cake recipe – isn’t it luscious? That’s probably why Leland has high cholesterol today!

Lindy, you do need this cookbook; see above.

did someone say carrot cake?

i was scared to death to turn 27 and i told my mom this and she said oh, it’s a great age. you know exactly what you want at 27.

thanks mom, no pressure.

zp: Exactly what you want? There is somebody who knows exactly what she wants?

I’m so sad to be missing the Tessaro’s dinner! Please remember to photograph your burger and blog about it.

for lindy, i knew what i wanted when i was 27 and now i am less sure, but much much happier.

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