Mexican RadioMexican Radio

Last night n8 and I took my parents to Mexican Radio at the recommendation of Emily. Although everyone except me liked their food, I don’t think it’s a place I’ll be going back to anytime soon. She did warn me about the noise, so I can’t hold it against her, but this place is loud. It didn’t help that we were next to a boisterous office party, but it would have been loud without them. Mexican restaurants never seem to have any padding or carpet to absorb sound. Half way through dinner, some loud rock music came on, and conversation went from difficult to impossible. This is not a place to take your parents.

I ate a quesadilla because I wasn’t too hungry. It was room temperature, and I only ate half of it. n8 and mom had chicken enchiladas with mole sauce, which was good, and poppy had stuffed plantains, which he seemed to love. We had to practically beg our waitress for dessert (she brought us the check right when we finished our main courses), but it was good when it finally came. As Emily instructed us to do, we ordered the flan and tres leches cake.

Tonight we’re meeting every family member in the tristate area for dinner at Isabella’s, which I’m hoping will be a bit quieter than Mexican Radio.

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