Leland goes liveLeland goes live

Well, five months later, the meatloaf I cooked in front of a camera is on the Internet for the world to see, on a cool new site called realmeals. You can find me by clicking on the meat tab.


You were very poised in front of the camera — nice job!

Your meatloaf recipe seemed very straightforward until you got to the apple butter. That’s an unusual ingredient. Is there a story behind this recipe?

WOW!! You did a terrific job in front of the camera—I hope we’ll see more recipes being cooked by you on this great video network!

Please remember me when you’re famous.

all i can think about is meatloaf now… you did great leland!

also, i’m liking the font change on your site.

You look and sound terrific, Leland; I’m so proud of you!

What a cool thing! It was really fun to watch you cooking instead of just imagining it. Good job on camera!

Hey, good job!

You are all so sweet! Thank you for watching it! Julie: Mom can tell you the story, since I got the recipe from her. She told me once but I can’t remember. The apple butter is key.

I actually use applesauce, not apple butter, Julie; I’d think apple butter might be too spicy and sweet. And I got the idea from that domestic goddess, what’s her name? Nigella something? Anyway, quite a few years back I happened to see a recipe of hers in the Washington Post in which she recommended applesauce as an ingredient in meatloaf; it adds moisture and just a hint of sweetness (I use homemade unsweetened applesauce). I agree with her and think it’s really good that way.

I’m truly amazed how you create such wonderful culinary delights in such a small kitchen! You’ve mentioned it before but seeing it on camera was an eye opener! You did a great job & I’m very proud of you! Love you.

Thanks, Aunt Sue! That’s very sweet. We make do with our tiny kitchens, I guess, but I’d give anything for just ten more square feet in there.

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