Leland doesn't read the fine printLeland doesn't read the fine print

Oh, sorry, FreshDirect. This is the response I just got, three days after complaining that the twenty percent increase in the minimum order was unfair to those of us who recently spent between $50 and $100 for DeliveryPass. I suppose it’s all my fault for not memorizing the famous terms & conditions.

Dear Leland, Thank you for your feedback.  In regard to the increase in the order minimum, this was necessary due to cost factors involved in assembling smaller orders.  The stipulations mention that all customers participating in the DeliveryPass program remain subject to the standard terms & conditions set forth in the FreshDirect Customer Agreement, which may be amended at any time. If you have any other questions, please call us toll-free at 1-866-283-7374. We’re here Sunday-Thursday 6:30am-1am and on Fridays from 6:30am-10pm. On Saturdays, we are available to assist you from 7:30am-10pm. Or, you may email us at service@freshdirect.com. Sincerely, Manny

I understand that they have to make money, but raising the delivery minimum by such a high percentage without even sending customers an advance email is not typical of the company, and it’s shady.

The result for FreshDirect, at least in this household, is going to be far fewer orders once the weather warms up and my DeliveryPass expires. I feel sorry for single people who only recently locked themselves in (especially Emily B, who bought the damn DeliveryPass at my suggestion!).

March 20 update
Emily B, who had only used her DeliveryPass once or twice, complained and got her money back for it. She also got a nice email from Manny, who must have a split personality:

Dear Emily B, Thank you for contacting FreshDirect. Unfortunately, in regard to the increase in the order minimum, this was necessary due to cost factors involved in assembling smaller orders. I can certainly understand your stance and we will refund the Delivery Pass (sic) back to your credit card. Your feedback will not go unnoticed and I will share your thoughts with upper management for consideration. Sincerely, Manny


Interesting response from FreshDirect- I emailed them Sunday morning and still haven’t heard back (even though they promise a response within 24 hours or less). I assume I will get the same response, after demanding a DeliveryPass refund or the $40 minimum until my DeliveryPass runs out- which is infuriating. This is definitely atypical of FreshDirect and while I understand needing to raise costs, puts those of us who cook for ourselves and who have a hard time hitting $50 a week in a tough spot. I am very disappointed.

what ever happened to Manny at Fresh Direct? for years i received emails from him but not no more.

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