Julia Child vs. Jacques Pépin on good chickenJulia Child vs. Jacques Pépin on good chicken


When I am shopping, I always try to get real organic, free-range chickens. I find that they have more flavor—a result, I believe, of more natural diet and growing conditions. The environment for mass-produced chickens, where the noise levels are horrible and the birds don’t have any space, leads to stress that affects their growth.


I want a fine, fresh, top-quality chicken that has never been frozen and thawed and frozen and thawed and/or kept at almost freezing so long that its flesh shreds and is mushy. I don’t care what it says about itself, such as “organic,” “naturally grown,” or “free range”; I want a chicken with great flavor and fresh texture, and I will go to great pains to find that chicken. Furthermore, I am ready to pay for it.

Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home, 1999.

Oooh! Smackdown!


Your sense of humour is refreshing!

I love Julia’s resistance to organic food. Jacques says they were in a restaurant once and she asked the waiter if the veal was organic. He got all flustered and finally confessed to her that it wasn’t. Good, she said, organic veal is tough and flavorless. Ha!

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