Iced coffee at La EsquinaIced coffee at La Esquina

The best thing about La Esquina is not the flavorful, fresh food at low prices:

Nor is it the adorable storefront with indoor seating that overlooks Petrosino Square.

No, the best thing about eating at La Esquina is the most delicious iced coffee I have ever had outside of my own apartment. It’s not worth photographing, because flavor doesn’t read. But if you’re in the neighborhood and in need of cool refreshment, go to La Esquina, march up the counter, and get yourself a $2 iced coffee to go with milk and sugar. It’s sweet, it’s strong, and it trounces Starbucks and Think Coffee and probably most of the contenders in New York Magazine’s list. If anyone knows their secret, please share it. And if anyone has tried their $4 iced cafĂ© con leche, please tell us how it compares.

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