Gifts for cooksGifts for cooks

I got two great early birthday presents last night (three, actually, if you include the long and luxurious dinner that we enjoyed at Brooklyn’s Restaurant Saul), and I thought I’d share them in case any readers are looking for a good gift for their kitchen-focused friends and lovers.

Here’s an awesome thing called Hold, which you can get at the MoMA Store, among other places. It’s basically a big piece of heavy metal meant to hold open a cookbook on the counter, like so:


I’ve been using my box of kosher salt for this purpose, so this is a big step up. Another gift, which I actually had already, but that doesn’t make it any less of a great gift (thanks Jeannie!), is Harold McGee’s famous book, On Food and Cooking. It’s a good read even if you don’t cook. McGee’s book is full of scientific and historical information about every food item imaginable. If I’m embarking on a new cooking method, I find it useful to read up on it in McGee in order to avoid any common pitfalls.


So glad you like the book holder! xoxoxo

Happy Birthday, Leland! Even though I’ve got a gadget from the Pampered Chef that looks like a heavy clear plastic placemat with marbles on the two short sides to hold it in place, meant to put over an open cookbook, I usually just use my butterdish. This looks like a great solution, one that could stand upright in your wooden spoon/spatula receptacle, too.

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