FreshDirect raises the minimum delivery!FreshDirect raises the minimum delivery!

The minimum order from FreshDirect has shot up to $50! I just got a panicked email from a friend who only recently signed up for DeliveryPass, and who is now worried (as I am), that she’ll end up spending more money on groceries. This is an outrage!


with the delivery fee as high as it is now, it’s not worth it to order a small amount anyway.

but with deliverypass you might be getting screwed though.

at what point does it just become cheaper to take a cab home from fairway?

If you live in lower Manhattan,
check out

Freshdirect doesn’t really know how to make money which is why they have to keep jacking up the prices.

MaxDelivery brings stuff in under one hour (a la and the minimum order is only $10. They don’t have FreshDirect’s selection in groceries but you can also find more drugstore stuff and they even rent DVDs.

I still order occasionally from FreshDirect but now that there are other options, I do it less.

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