FreshDirect now spamming good customersFreshDirect now spamming good customers

Did anyone else get asked to fill out the ridiculous survey for FreshDirect a few days ago? Here is the original email from April 5th:

Thank you for shopping with FreshDirect. We are always working to improve our service, and feedback from customers like you is a great way for us to tell how we’re doing. If you can spare three or four minutes, we’ve developed a simple interactive survey about FreshDirect and food shopping in general. To thank you for your time, survey respondents will be entered for a chance to win $100*.

To share your opinions about FreshDirect, go to:

Whether you choose to fill out this survey or not, I’d like to thank you for being a great customer.

Thank you for your time,

Steve Michaelson

President, FreshDirect

I filled it out. Or at least I tried to—it was the most poorly designed survey I’ve ever seen. I emailed FD about it and told them that at certain points I feared I was being phished. They never wrote back. And today this spam nugget slips right through gmail’s filter into my inbox:

As you know, Linescale is a unique product development firm. We ask people what they think of new product ideas. Your opinion today will make a difference in tomorrow’s products and services.

This study is on new Bedding Styles for your home. If you’re likely to shop for bedding for your home or as a gift in the coming year, and if you can spare three or four minutes, we think you’ll enjoy it. And we’ll enter you in a one-hundred dollar drawing.

We can only take a limited number of panelists for this study, so please click here: to see if it’s still open.

If you want to be taken off this list, click here:

But please wait. You’ll have another chance to be removed from the list after this study. Or, if you enjoy it, you’re welcome to stay on our new product panel.

Thank you for being a panelist.

Lawrence Weiss, President Linescale Research 320 East 42nd St. Fl 31 New York, NY 10017

Hurry up, folks; they can only accept a limited number of panelists. I can’t believe FD would do business with a shady company when they have such an excellent, classy website. It’s enough to send my business elsewhere.


Thanks for your posting. I just received the e-mail from Weiss Linescale in my inbox. Anything that I am not familiar with and suspect might be a potential threat, I google to find out about it. Your comments aided me in my decision to report this as spam.

take me off your list

take off list

What the heck are you crazy old people talking about? This is an INTERNET BLOG POST about spam, and we don’t e-mail anyone or have a “list.”

take me off list

Dear Confused People,

Your confusion is so intense that we must disable comments for this post. Just so you know, 1) is not a real e-mail address, 2) even if it were, you don’t send e-mail by searching for an address in Yahoo, and 3) it is obvious if you read this page that you have ended up in the wrong place.

Good luck surfing that Web!

With sympathy (but without interest in your comments), staff

I got some crap from Linescale research regarding marriott product development.

I’ll stay at budget inn since they can’t afford to hire linescale and I won’t get bothered I guess.

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