Eat featured in CulinateEat featured in Culinate

Unlike fellow food bloggers, we are not too shy to toot our own horns. Culinate , a Portland, Oregon-based online food magazine, features Eat this week in its Blog Feed column. We think columnist Liz Crain did a great job with the interview and we’re really tickled with it. Thanks, Liz!


That is a great interview. Smart, thoughtful questions, smart thoughtful answers.

We knew you when!!

That is wonderful. Why be shy about tooting your own horn? Your readers want to know! Great interview though I am saddened to hear that you and Leland don’t get together very often. Is that what the future holds for izzy and me?

Very cool. I love the quote from Leland, “If I see someone handling large pieces of meat, I’m likely to stick around,” and I feel just like Becky, I could spend whole days peering into other people’s kitchens. Thanks to both of you for sharing yours with us.

Thanks, gals; we rely on your feedback!

Izzy’s mama, it is a bit sad and I’m lucky that two of my boys are here in Pittsburgh.

Wow! Great interview – and great to see a most excellent food blog recognized!

Congratulations! I enjoyed reading the article, though I must admit I wish it was a bit longer. :)

Very cool that you two were featured, and great interview! Although I agree with Colin, I wanted more!

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