Eat endorses Barack ObamaEat endorses Barack Obama


If the Culinary Union can endorse Barack Obama, then so can we. Eat can’t rally thousands of people, but we can promise two votes in New York and one in Pennsylvania for Senator Obama, and we can encourage our left-leaning and centrist readers (who aren’t hung up on the question of experience) to do the same (and if you’re on the other team, by all means, vote accordingly!).


Good choice!

Can’t say I’m too keen on his (or Hillary’s) tax policy. At the moment, I’m leaning toward McCain, but I could easily see that changing in the next
10 months. Besides, I’d rather let the DNC and RNC pass (and figure out whether Bloomberg is running and what his platform will be) before making up my mind.

Hear, hear! Honey, I’d LOVE to make that man dinner. Count in two voters in NC!!

So sorry to hear that you are backing him. While I’ve been a lifelong Democrat this presidential election will be the first where I vote Republican in all likelyhood. While that thought is scary enough, the thought of either Obama or Hillary running this country is even scarier.
Rudy is my guy at this moment in time.

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