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Although mom has already posted a couple of times about the Dirty Sugar Cookies virtual book tour, today is the actual day that we signed up to host. Ayun got a pretty sweet deal when she recruited my mom into her PR machine.

Since we have all this fancy Apple hardware and software, we thought it would be fun to do a podcast instead of a regular, written interview. Unfortunately for Ayun, our varying versions of iChat didn’t allow us to do three-way audio, so her virtual book tour became real today. At least she got to bring Milo.

I’ll just say this about Milo: he was wearing a silk vest and cowboy boots, and he has freckles. He wouldn’t eat my chocolate chip cookies (his loss), but he did let me pick him up and throw him around a little bit. I get to see children so infrequently; it’s always a treat for the nurturing type I’m growing into. And Milo is one of the cutest, sweetest tots I’ve encountered.

Without further ado, I present our very first podcast. Because both mom and I have iSight cameras, you should get a snapshot that changes periodically as you listen (if you don’t get this video component, you should download it and open it in iTunes). It’s thirteen minutes long and a rather large file, but it’s worth every megabyte for mom’s campy mugs. Enjoy, and good luck, Ayun!


Oh, no! I’m getting an error message This clip cannot be played. It contains unexpected data and may be corrupt.

Try right-clicking on the link and downloading the file. If you open it in either iTunes or QuickTime it should work, and have the shapshot track.

Also, for all 0 Linux users reading this, VLC works.

When I try to play all the mp3 files from one of the CD’s, I get a message “clip contains unexpected data and may be corrupt”

The first mp3 song sings only half the connet and then stops.

There is no qustion of downloading comes as Nathan suggests.

What do I do ?

Bade Pappa

Bade Pappa- Did you try the MP3 link? It’s at http://technically.us/eat/admin/content/show/984 and should work on every computer. Please try this and let us know how it works out.

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