Broadway Panhandler sneak peekBroadway Panhandler sneak peek

Here is a slightly blurry stolen glimpse of the new Broadway Panhandler, opening tomorrow morning at eleven o’clock on East 8th Street. They are apparently starting with a huge sale, which is announced all over the store on neon-colored signs.

The store looks beautiful. It may or may not be bigger than the old one, but the loft space is much roomier and more inviting. I think that the Panhandler, in combination with ’wichcraft, might be able to breathe some sophistication into that disgusting stretch of hooker stores.


i am SO excited for this one. Stuart needs a le creuset like nobody’s business.

Jeannie, I bought a knock-off brand Le Creuset at TJ Max about seven years ago, an oval dutch oven type thing, and it has performed beautifully, no worn spots, no crackling, no chips, and it only cost about $30. I imagine even at Panhandler prices the Le Creuset will still be quite pricey.

What brand is yours, Mom? Of course I want a Le Creuset too, but I don’t want to spend $200. I will go in there after work today to see what’s on sale.

I don’t know the brand on mine, Leland, and it has no name on it at all, but Amazon has a Mario Batali enamel on cast iron dutch oven on sale right now for $59 – in some great colors. If I didn’t already have the one I’ve got I’d get this one in the espresso or persimmon.

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