Zucchini, bacon, and Gruyère quicheZucchini, bacon, and Gruyère quiche

I made my first quiche tonight with zucchini, bacon, and Gruyère, using an excellent recipe I found on epicurious.

As n8 pointed out to his mother, I was the only person in New York that hadn’t made a quiche. I think it’s because I grew up eating them at home on a regular basis, and for whatever reason I wasn’t a huge fan. Mom, what kind of quiche did you used to make for us? I’m sure it was delicious, but I was too young to enjoy all the eggy goodness.

I know I should be rolling out my own crusts at this point, but frankly I don’t even know where to begin. So I ordered FreshDirect’s quiche shells. They are $3.99 for two, and I was pleased with the flakiness and flavor.

People always talk about quiches as though they are the easiest meals in the world, but I was slaving away in the kitchen for a solid thirty minutes before I had anything in the oven. That’s fine with me, but is there a faster way?


We made two quiches for your birthday and they DO have a lot of prep work because you must cook everything before you assemble it. I find that cooking the bacon for 3.5 minutes and the veggies for 2 minutes in the microwave can speed up the process.

Thirty minutes? You call that slaving? I’m guessing that includes frying the bacon, scrubbing the zucchini and sauteéing that (did you use the bacon fat or wipe the skillet and replace it with butter or olive oil?), and grating the cheese. Additionally, you had the pleasure of getting to slice the zucchini with your new Global knife! Any onions?

Since you kids refused to eat mushrooms (I believe you have a post on that) or spinach I mostly confined myself to the standard bacon/onion/swiss cheese quiche, and even at that you and Jon frequently picked through and just ate the bacon. Do you remember how I often served canned peaches with that meal? That was your favorite part.


BTW, those Fresh Direct pie crusts look really good, judging by the ingredients, and the price isn’t bad, either. If they delivered in Pittsburgh I would probably keep a few in my freezer for emergencies.


I agree with Mom- thirty minutes isn’t slaving- it’s just prep work!

Did you spread the bottom of the crust with dijon mustard before putting all the goodies and egg mixture over it? Always a subtle and delicious flavor for quiches.

Beautiful for your first quiche. Pretty soon you’ll find you won’t need a recipe- just throw in whatever you have around the kitchen!

I love that mustard idea! And another use for my small, offset frosting spatula. Do you have one of those, Leland? They really come in handy. And don’t take up any counter space!


Look ladies, I know that’s not slaving. I’m happy to spend four hours making a meal. All I’m saying is that people talk about a quiche like they throw it together in 10 minutes, and like it’s the easiest thing they can make. I’ve made daubes that involved less prep.

Mom: yes, I sautéed the zucchini in the delicious bacon fat, and I did enjoy slicing the hell out of the zucchini with my Global. I do sort of remember those peaches. I still love canned peaches, and canned fruit in general. Except cherries.

No, Emily, I forgot about your Dijon trick, but I’ll try it next time.

I guess you got told!

By the way, Uncle Ted’s quiches, that he made for me on my birthday, ruled.

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