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Spde works in conjunction with Simple Build Tool, a platform for building, running, and packaging Scala applications. You can skip installing sbt, for now, by downloading a Spde ‘graft’:

Spde Graft 0.4.2

This runnable jar will produce a simple project containing everything you need to start coding. Most systems will run the jar on a double-click, but if that doesn’t seem to work a command line will give better feedback:

java -jar graft_2.8.0-0.4.2-setup.jar

It can take a minute. When the project is ready, its sample sketch will appear and play (yay). Inside the project directory should be a sbt or sbt.bat script, depending on your platform. Run this to enter sbt’s interactive mode, where the run and applet actions should provide useful results. To make changes, open sketch.spde in any text editor.

At some point you should setup sbt to run Spde and other Scala projects independently. Then, you can base new projects off the source-only Graft, available in tar.bz2 or zip. To fetch, compile, and run in one shot:

curl "http://technically.us/git?p=graft.git;a=snapshot;h=0.4.2;sf=tbz2" \
  | tar -xvj
cd graft
sbt update run

Spde Examples 0.3.1 : tar.bz2 or zip

The examples are an open-ended, group project. If you want to contribute new sketches or improve existing ones, clone spde-examples on github and go to work!

Spde Classic

Spde was originally developed to compile and run inside a fork of the Processing Development Environment. The final (probably) release of this forked environment is 2009-06-04, available in two distributions by BitTorrent or HTTP.

Windows and Linux : Direct download or torrent

Macintosh : Direct download or torrent

Thanks to Christian Langreiter for the Spde mirror.