Finder Bookmarks

Finder Bookmarks is an editor for Web Location Files, the browser-independent bookmarks that you can store anywhere on your Macintosh. This application can edit locations and attach site icons to the Web Location's icon. If you use Safari, Finder Bookmarks can import all of your Safari bookmarks and their icons at the same time. It also adds a powerful new kind of location file, Dynamic Locations, for faster web searching and lookups.

Advantages of Finder Bookmarks over browser bookmarks:

Please see the Finder Bookmarks Overview for more information.

New in version 1.1
  • Safari Bookmarks import - Finder Bookmarks can now import your Safari Bookmarks library.
  • Harder working site icon retrieval - When looking for a Web site's icon, Finder Bookmarks checks for a link on the page itself.
  • Smarter Dynamic Locations - They now remember their size, location, "Stay open" state, and the last ten search field entries.

Finder Bookmarks was made by Nathan Hamblen, who also writes a weblog about software and is available by e-mail for any questions or comments. Finder Bookmark's source code is available to browse.