OOP deemed "anti-pattern"OOP deemed "anti-pattern"

From Javalobby, Post Modern Programming:

Indeed, I specifically site [sic] where OOP explicitly fails and even should be regarded as an anti-pattern.

Indeed, why anyone would care what Roger Voss regards as “anti-pattern” is a mystery to me, but I will note that I saw this coming.


OOP becomes an anti-pattern in the context of distributed software systems as then the tight binding to interfaces becomes an over-bearing problem. Hence why I push messaging and so-called “XML data duck typing” for a much more loose coupled approach.

Building Effective Enterprise Distributed Software Systems http://humbleblogger.blogspot.com/2006/08/building-effective-enterprise.html

Who cares what I dub an anti-pattern? Well, Microsoft for one as they invited me to lunch to discuss such things.

Yeah, Microsoft is really hot these days. Good luck with the XML ducks, man!

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