Databinder revision history comes out of the closetDatabinder revision history comes out of the closet

Many people have been wondering, “Where can I browse the Databinder sources? Is the project under source control? Why hasn’t Databinder settled down yet? Is Databinder just waiting for the right hosting service—still?”

While I can’t answer any questions about Databinder’s personal life, I’m happy to report that it has mastered its shyness for revision exposure. You can now see all Databinder versions and projects in a Web browser. All my corrected mistakes, and their corresponding cheeky check-in comments, are open to the public.

While that does make me feel a little queasy, I can no longer deny the benefits of easy access to the source tree. The downloadable tarball on the releases page just wasn’t cutting it: you need to be able to link to things on this here Internet. Like when you’re talking about specific pieces of code. This will also be handy for answering questions on the Wicket listserv (and dropping an incidental Databinder plug).

Even I’ll benefit. Last week I was migrating parts of our application at work to Wicket 1.2. Naturally I came across problems I’d already solved in Databinder, but I couldn’t easily crib even from my own project. With the sources on the Web, I (and any other Wicket programmer) can get to them from any computer.

Now, about those hosting providers, Databinder is proudly independent and that’s all there is to it.

No more questions.

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